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The story is set on a small fishing island off the coasts of Naichi (mainland Japan) during the rule of the Tokugawa Shogunate.

While local authorities vie for power over the fishing trade, stem off rebellions, and deal with internal betrayals, a more sinister threat begins to infest the isolated island. Attacks and disappearances continue to increase.  As the threat and tensions rise, honor is tested, ambitions are destroyed, and evil embodied. For every inhabitant will soon find that there is no where to run to escape the horror that has become… the Isle of Madness.

An epic horror story encapsulated in a small setting, the Isle of Madness bears a large cast of unique characters, each wrought with moral strife. There is no hero, but there are many villains. There are lords, samurai, ronin, bakemono, undead, pirates, creatures, and fishermen. Even the island and seas are characters of their own. The plot is an intricate weave of many individual stories torn apart by one driving force; the evil of men.

Altogether dark, beautiful, and terrifying the Isle of Madness is unlike any story out there. Not purely evil but aesthetically ambiguous. It is a copulation of the brutality of men and the wondrous awe and terror that lies in the unknown depths of the natural world. Down in the dark recess spawning from the chasms of men’s hearts, monsters and madness trapped on a little island in the sea, this is…


...The Isle of Madness

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